Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Pain means growth

When I got up I was musing about all the opinions people (including myself) have about the weather. There is good weather, bad weather, winters which are too cold, summers, which are too hot and the other way round. Opinions about the weather are easy to give up. Weather is something that entertains us, I thought. In the meantime I was in my "yoga room". I opened the window and I found that the world was covered with a white blanket. It has snown during the night. I smiled, I felt joy. I was entertained.

On the mat: It was again difficult, painful. I had to practice slowly. Why, why, why,is it so, I asked myself, even though I knew the answer. I gained again 2 pounds. Each and every pound influences the yoga practice. I was too sloppy with my vegan diet (I ate too many cakes and milky desserts lately) and that's why I felt even arthritic. I had to practice slowly, the breath helped me to go on. Only to stay on the mat was the goal. After marichyasana b the time was over. I lifted myself up into urdhva dhanurasana - at least I did it. Instead of sirsasana, I did pincha mayurasana against the wall - balance becomes better.
Savasana - I'm looking forward to it every day, so it was today. I feel well now and I know that it was important to practice.

Meditation was great today. I didn't wait till the 15 min were over. Perhaps I always was in the current moment?

It's somehow exciting: Only 2 days we will be in the "old" office. Today is the last working day there and I have a lot to do. For the time being I have the feeling that I start swimming again and that I'm not drowning. This can change again, I know it.

Mysore class this evening (I don't want to fall on my head, when dropping back into urdhva dhanurasana. I will say that I'm arthritic today.).


Marie said...

Hi Ursula -
See, you are a good example. Every day I'm learning new sanskrit yoga pose names from you. I only know the English descriptive names. Now whenever you write, I copy the name, search the net, find a photo and go, "OH! I know THAT pose." It's like a little treasure hunt, and in this way I am learning bit by bit.

I suppose I could do more yoga-based reading but I don't. I read fiction and I read newspapers and I read about writing, mostly.

Today, I am grumpy. I want to weigh less. (It's interesting that your two pounds burdens you. My burden is much higher.) I want to do more yoga. I want to write more. I want money, and a "real" meaningful job. I want my own blog.

I appreciate your delight and excitement in the snow and the office-move. That makes me smile because I am glad along with you.

Wishes for a good day,

Marie said...

This just in, as email from my yoga studio. Thought you'd like it:

"The first four of the Five Remembrances in the Buddhist tradition help us make friends with our very human fears of growing old, being abandoned in old age, becoming ill, death and suffering in death. We are reminded that all we hold dear is subject to loss and change - there is no way we can escape being separated from them.

The fifth remembrance, in Thich Nhat Hanh's version:

My actions are my only true belongings. I cannot escape the consequences of my actions.
My actions are the ground on which I stand.

Is it possible to step out of fear again and again and stand in wonderment at the moment-by-moment gift of life as we know it right now? What actions do you plan to take today, the consequences of which will belong to you forever?

In love,

I'm displaying it on the wall above my computer.

Ursula said...

Hi Marie,

One day I decided to use the sanskrit words for the asanas. But often I have to look them up by myself. So I'm learning like you.I thought it was advanced to use the sanskrit names and we do not forget that yoga comes from India (and not from the US - just a joke). I love the yoga movement in the US. I wished we had something similar here.

Yeah write your own blog. You have mentioned already so many topics: money, job, writing, yoga. ( or are wonderful blogger sites, you can start anytime).

The less I think of my weight the easier it is to loose some pounds. In our society almost everybody wants to be thinner, so let's take it easy the thing with the weight.

Time to go to bed, even though I could write an write and write.

Have a wonderful day. Grumpyness will disappear, I'm sure.

Have to go to bed.


PS: I like your quote.

Arturo said...

hi ursula
hope you're doing well. and people think i exaggerate when i complain if my practice suffers when my weight shifts.

Ursula said...

Hi arturo.

Every pound is felt when doing Ashtanga. You do not exxagerate at all. Cheers. Ursula