Saturday, March 01, 2008

The other yoga class

It was probably a good decision not to go to work this afternoon. The storm was in full action, when I wanted to go, 2 people even died here due to the sudden wind.

But when it was time to go to the yoga class the weather was rather modest, so I went. It turned out to be a classic hatha yoga class, only for advanced yoginis. We were about 20 woman, most of them not so young (but obviously everyone thought that she was advanced).

It's amazing how much energy people bring home from India. The teacher has been in India for a while. She learned to pause. India is not a country where you can hurry. To pause here from time to time is very healthy, too. I will remember this.

We did not only one surya namaskar. We started with utanasana. Between the demanding poses we returned to utansana. Nevertheless I sweated. The poses were really very demanding.

Handstand: I listened carefully to the instructions and this helped me to do a rather balanced handstand, even without touching the wall. To turn the thigh of the leg that goes up first inwardly is the secret, then balance becomes easy. It's true. I lost the respect for this pose, I even think that it can be learned rather easy.

In general we were told often to rotate the thighs inwardly and then to lengthen the spine. Especially to lenghten the spine is important. To open the hips and to lenghten the spine, these too movements go together. This can be applied in utthita parsva konasana i.e. Precision was teached. This is really something which can be learned from other yoga styles. Ashtanga focuses on the breath. We were asked to do udjjiy breathing, but I haven't heard so much breathing in the class. If I had time I would like to go to a hatha yoga class, but............I do not have time.

I loved the class, I can even consider to do a hatha yoga practice at home from time to time, which means doing one asana after the other without vinyasa.

What's perhaps missing is the flow. I like the flow, the dynamic of Ashtanga. I'm perhaps still too wild, full of energy that must find a ventile: I guess Ashtanga yoga is the best yoga style for me.

PS: What is advanced now? I forgot to mention, that advanced yoginis are friendly people, attentive towards themselves and to others.


alfia said...

Ursula, thank you for sharing your experience. It was interesting about the handstand, which the pose I am yet to master. I will try it right away! :)

Marie said...

Hi Ursula -
I'm glad you decided to delay going to work. Better to stay safe.

The class sounds like it was awesome. I find that I learn different things from assorted styles/classes, and each has its own unique set of lessons to offer. I like how various teachers are expert in different ways. Like your teacher today sounds very precise, and then you make a very mindful pose.

I wanted to talk about cleaning as it seems to bug you so much. I've been out with my family all day and our house is pretty messy. Coming home, I wanted to sit on the couch and just relax. But then I thought that if I only did something that that would be better than nothing. So I grabbed the duster and went around and got the worst dust off of the main surfaces, the ones where I can see it. It is not perfect, it is not deeply clean. But it is much better. It is something. I gave it only 10 minutes, but I made my life nicer and now I can relax to my fun without feeling all those negative feelings about myself.

And I know that tomorrow I will do some more. If I do even little by little each day, the house is at least livable.


Ursula said...

Hi alfia, it's important to have control when going up. We left the one leg parallel to the floor in order to feel that we can have control in this pose. Slowly the legs can be brought together.

Hope you felt an improvement.

Ursula said...

Hi marie, you are so right. I often underestimate what can be done in only 10 min. I will remember that even in a few minutes many things can be done. Even a few things improve a home.


Kevin said...

Congrats on the handstand, a good tip to turn in the thigh, I will try it later when I practice.

It is windy here as well.