Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Now I feel it, how good it was

I practiced again this morning. I slept well and got up on time.

So many thoughts came up during meditation and during yoga. This is all illusion, I know it. All these thoughts that paint a picture of the world are not the world. Thoughts were more in the grey area, not really uplifting. To shoo them away was not so easy. The cold water when I was under the shower was successful. It's always a little shock to feel the cold water on the hot body. This little shock makes me wake up.

I practiced second series till after the 2 twists, then time was over and more was also not possible due to my neck pain, that I got from the air-condition at the office (crap work).

It's not so easy to see me failing at the job. But I'm brave. I will do it with dignity and elegance as usual, but still I'm fighting, also with dignity and elegance. I'm even amused about the colleague, who treats me as if I weren't able to count till 3. (The man, who had the job before me was able to do the job, that's a fact. But we are not all the same.) I observe, I want to understand the meaning of all this. What will come next?

Back to my yoga practice: Urdhva dhanurasana becomes better even in the morning. The resistance to do it is fading, perhaps because it got easier.

Life is always in the present, I read this this morning in my samasati-email. How true.

Weaponed with my red batherobe, the book by Jed McKenna "Spiritual warfare" I will leave the house today. I plan to go to the sauna in Sheraton hotel, which is very close to the office.


Anonymous said...

Ursula..love your blog. You are so real and share so well. Did you ever think that your next job should be more in tune with that beautiful person you are?
A yoga teacher maybe or working in a field of helping people who need kindness and compassion. That's where I think you will shine. Not in a corporate office with the unawakened.
Just my thoughts :)

Ursula said...

Oh thank you for your lovely comment and your feed back.

I like people without ifs and buts. It's surely a good idea to work in an area where I'm closer to people.

I like it that you use the word "unawake" almost like an insult. Very good.