Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mysore class, work

Mysore class was great as usual. Urdhva dhanurasana gets better. Due to my neck pain I didn't like to drop back on my own. The pose becomes more familiar to me and this is a good sign. It will happen, I'm optimistic regarding this pose.

I'm not so optimistic regarding my job. I'm failing. I see myself failing. It started as a snowball, but in the meantime it became a snowslide, unstoppable. I'm sliding down. I'm too slowly for all these tasks, I have too many questions and work is getting more and more. I do not meet any deadline, work remains undone and I cannot even explain why. It's perhaps the best thing what can happen. Perhaps I didn't understand so far that this is not the right place for me and now I get a lecture that I will understand. Whatever happens, inside I will remain amused, will I?

I must sleep now.

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Wayne said...

Just remember what you do is not who you are - hope everything works out for you!