Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday is done

Yeah, some impressions from the entrance hall of the office. I enjoy it every morning to walk through this huge hall with this sailcloth flying in the room.
Monday was stressy, but all Mondays are stressy. It was a positive stress today. I was relaxed.
I gossiped with my colleague during lunch time. He is back from holidays. He does not think that I failed, he thinks we all would need more job training. His words felt good on my soul. It is as it is, I don't want to change anything. But as long as I'm working for this company I will give my very best. It is much more fun to be committed than to be bored and mentally somewhere else. The current moment is where the happiness can be found, nowhere else.
What else: I want to help my bf preparing his birthday party in May. He has his 50th birthday this year. What an event. We'll go through the invitation this evening.


Marie said...

A party? Very exciting! Something to look forward to.

Ursula said...

I'm looking forward to it. The party will be in May.

It has to be organized and that's what we are doing now.