Monday, March 24, 2008

Jed McKenna, Satyam Nadeen, Richard Sylvester, Herbert Lehner

4 men, and all 4 men assert themselves "awaken". They have written books about it and I have read them. :) hahaha.

Only Jed McKenna recommends a method: spiritual autolyse, sort of self-inquiry to drop the ego and remembering that we are mortal.

They all write similar things: To wake up is a process that can last years with setbacks. Singing matras, doing yoga, practicing tantra does not really help.

The attitude towards life is changing: they all seem to enjoy what is.
Not much can be done, unseen forces dictate life.

Jed backed out from everything, the others went on with their lives as usual. Satyam lost interest in sex and his business. Richard's wife even doubted that her husband is enlightened when I remember well. Herbert is not planning his life anymore, he is open for what is coming next, when I remember well.

It's so funny when I summerize these books in a few sentences. All the books are worth to be read and very helpful for those interested in living and not sleeping.

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