Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's not easy to sit

And today it was not at all easy to sit. After 11 min I couldn't resist the impulse to look at my watch. More than 4 min were left. I touched my right feet, it was cold. I remained in lotus pose. Afterwards pinholes were felt. I use the time till the pinholes disappear in order to write some words about my medition. It's not easy to sit, I'm still too easily distracted. To focus is difficult. To focus is so important.

It's summer time now. Not really summer time, but last night the clocks were adjusted to the summer time, which means that I will have to get up 1 hour earlier than usually. It's doable.

Plan for today: yoga now, then tax declaration, phone call with the cleaning woman and I will cook a risotto for my darling and me later of the day.

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