Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It shows me how exhauted I am

I was in bed on time, before 10 p.m. and I slept well. Ten to five I got up this morning, starting my morning routine - morning pages, meditation. Meditation was quite, I could sit easily 15 min without getting nervous, without thinking all the time "when will it be over". Of course a lot of thoughts came up, but the body was motionless, only the incoming and outcoming breath provoked little movements.

Then I craved for food. I had breakfast and went to bed again. I can accept this. It shows me how exhausted I am. At the warm back of my bf I slept another hour and it was like a second. I know, the sauna is exhausting for the body, too. The body needs to recover after a sauna evening. Sauna is good for the skin. I look so young and relaxed when I look into the mirror, even though I'm not. But it is also the job, that exhausts me. My current job can be satisfying, the tasks are interesting, but it is too much for me. That's what I see now. I will be there another 3 months probably, which I will enjoy. Again I see how a possible end of something changes the attitude and perspective. To enjoy what is is so much easier. There is an end to everything, it's only difficult to see it all the time and to remember it.

This evening I will go to a Mysore class. So I will have at least one hour yoga and this shall be enough for today.


subhash said...

Hi Ursula

I like your postings. I am another Jed fan. Had an interesting interaction with a guy called Vince Flammini. Would like to mail you.


Ursula said...

Hi Subhash,

Thanks for commenting.

If you like to mail me write me your email address. I won't publish your comment and I will write back.


Marie said...

Hi Ursula -

I think you're right about things ending, and others beginning.

And nothing is the end of the world!:)

Don't make me jealous about your skin being all glow-y and smooth. Even while losing your job in German winter, you look fabulous!

Enjoy your class!

Ursula said...

Hi Marie,

Our Mysore class was wonderful. The group gives so much energy.
I feel energized. :)