Saturday, March 08, 2008

I needed another shower

Am I glad, that I found the way to the mat. I switched on the CD by Sharath (U.'s little helper) for the surya namaskara a,b and the standing sequence.

Then I practiced alone. Oh, this has improved: a year ago or so I had difficulties to stay on the mat. I used to walk around in my rooms in the middle of the practice. Nowadays I stay once I have started. I make breaks from time to time, that's true and OK, but I stay on the mat. This way the practice is much more concentrated. When it's over it's over. There is no necessity anymore to be dressed in yoga clothes the entire day.

Adho mukha svanasana and urdhva dhanurasna: I held adho mukha svanasana for several breaths each time I did it. It's a key backbending pose in the first series. It was my preparation for urdhva dhanurasana. The body was soft today. I lifted myself up into urdhva dhanurasna 3 times. I still see no way to drop back on my own, I don't want to mention to stand up from this position. In order to do it I have to put more effort in my practice - strength is needed as well as the possibility to open the chest and to bend backwards (much further than I'm able till now). Courage is needed. too. I think I must practice twice a day this pose. And I must loose 4 pounds. This always helps. I'm ambitious today. I want to do this pose, it's the official entrance ticket for the 2nd series.

Silently I cursed today: Why must I have found such a demanding yoga style for me, that pleases me so much.

I'm sitting here on my chair, dressed with a red pair of trousers and a white jacket. I'm relaxed. I'm ready to work on my other tasks.

This afternoon E. will be back. I will cook us something. Shopping at a Munich market, having tea in a cafe, walking around, reading Jed McKenna, this will be my day. That's beautiful. Was there a morning depression, cannot remember anymore. Action is a good drug for bad mood.


alfia said...

Sounds like you have a truly beautiful day (except for dilent curding, of course :D)

Ursula said...

Yes alfia, it was a wonderful day, very relaxing so far. I even had time for a late afternoon nap. :)