Monday, March 10, 2008

I got lost

I knew it, that I'd got lost on my way to the new office. I took the wrong exit of the subway and I found myself far away from a huge building. But I found the building, even my new office room.

The new office: To make it short: I like it, most of my colleagues don't like it. One colleague almost cried the entire day. She was in an incredible bad mood. Another colleague had a very sad face. Another colleague left the company at 4, he had enough. I don't understand their problems. The decision is made, nothing will change. It makes no sense to complain. I'm indifferent, I even like the new office. Everything is new, not so dirty like in the old office. We even have a terrace. When I'm courageous enough, I can even meditate there, Munich at my feet. Today we could see the Alpes from the terrace, the view was great when we had the welcome champagne on that terrace. Yes we are four now in a rather small space. Around us are the filing cabinets. It's an office.

Cantines are no more what they used to be. Our cantine there is excellent. It's possible to arrange the own meal. Everything is available. I had a glass noodle salad with mango sauce and fresh coriander. That's something. I must take care that I do not gain weight, there are too many choices.

So reading time now.


alfia said...

Sometimes people are just so resistant to change, nothing can please them in the new place. I really like your attitude, though!

Ursula said...

He alfia, I saw the behaviour of children today. Children, who do not get exactly what they want and as a consequence they pitch with the foot on the floor, crying.

They didn't see our paradise and it is really a paradise. I saw other workplaces around the world.