Saturday, March 15, 2008

I found the way to the mat and I'm glad about it

To take my neck pain as an excuse not to practice at all would have been a weak excuse. Only chakrasana, setu bandasana weren't possible. Salamba sarvangasana was painful and not very good. I have to check if my neck pain comes from the air-conditioning at work.

All the other asanas were excellent. I practiced slowly (with background music). I work on so many things: to jump through, urdhva dhanurasana, supta kurmasana, the right breath, the bandhas, to keep the back straight.

Exhaling is so much easier for me than inhaling. I can exhale and exhale. I think I haven't inhaled so much, why can I exhale so long. Inhaling and exhaling are not even.

I deserve a second breakfast now, before going downtown, looking for some fancy clothes. My mother wants to buy me some. :)

Am I glad now that I practiced.

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Kevin said...

Hi Ursula,

Sorry to hear your neck is unwell like mine. It could be the aircon, or a draft from a window.I hope Cary puts me into Supta K again tomorrow.