Friday, March 28, 2008

Exhausted? Depleted? Me?

After journaling and 10 min meditation I went to bed again. I was tired and needed the protection of a warm bed. Bf was in the bed too and this was the extra warmth. It's so nice and soothing to lie on his back, listening to his even breath. I was between awake and sleeping. It was an extra hour in bed.

No yoga this morning. I don't like this at all. Am I exhausted or only undisciplined? I know that the morning is the best time for yoga. Time is over now. I can do my best next week. This morning was a missed opportunity. But every morning is a new opportunity to do yoga.

Today is Friday and I'm SO GLAD.

How shall I spend the evening? Bf won't be at home. He will drive to N. to play soccer there. Shall I go to the sauna, shall I go to a yoga studio, shall I go to a restaurant, or shall I clean my home and read a book?


alfia said...

What a lovely choice you have for spending your Friday evening! I hope you enjoy it fully, Ursula.

Ursula said...

Hi alfia, unfortunately due to long working hours choices minimized.

I had good food and a good book in my bag (jeff foster - beyond awakening). What else do I want.

I wish you are well soon. Have a wonderful weekend. too.