Saturday, March 08, 2008

Everything changes

Especially the mood. Bad mood can rise like the sun. In the morning I felt already frustrated. How to get out of it, I asked myself. But I didn't like to switch on the radio in order to lift the mood. Unfortunately I consoled myself with food, I took my breakfast before meditation and yoga. Do you like coffee, I asked myself. But I didn't.

Everything changes: Especially the mood. I wanted to declutter. I started with the bathroom. There are not so many redundant items: OK I found about 12 pieces of soap. I kept them all. Yeah. But I sorted out a winter coat (I still have 2), an old yoga mat (now I have still 4). After meditation I took all that stuff and threw it into the garbage can in the backyard. I feared that I would think it over again.

Everything changes: Especially the mood. It's yoga time and I really want to practice.

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