Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Buh, incredible difficult

Meditation: I experienced 15 very emotional minutes. That's probably why the 15 min were over so fast. Stories of the past came into my mind, even stories of my childhood. The body sat quitly. To stay in lotus pose was easy. The breath was with me.

Yoga: I needed several breaths till I could go on when I hang forward in uttanasana, when doing the first surya namaskara. It became better much better, but it remained hard. Whyever. Good was that I went on. Poses were weak and sloppy I didn't hold them long. I was on my mat, I practiced and I'm so sure that it was good for the body. I feel well now. Flexible and relaxed. I needed savasana today. The practice is over, I let it go. (I had good practices already, did I?)

I'm as hungry as a wolf now.

Still 2 working days (today and tomorrow), on Thursday we will pack. On Friday we have a day off (ohhhhhh) and on Monday I will have to take another subway, I will have to go to another office. It's all rather exciting.


alfia said...

Are you starting a new job on Monday?

Ursula said...

No, only the company (the same) is moving to a new office. It's exciting enough. :)

Tracy said...

Good Luck with your move Ursula!
Thanks for the sweet email~
HB to E by the way!!!!
Have fun!
Tracy xxoo

Ursula said...

Hi Tracy, I hope that I could answer your question. Really I've never heard here about this material and I'm reading all the labels.

The move means that I will sit with 4 people on four small desks. Many are disappointed. I don't care, I have other problems. It's really entertaining how the different people react to the same event.

And Friday a day off, because of the move. Yeppeeee.

E. is in the north of Germany, but I will forward HB. I'm sure he knows what it is. :)

Best for you,