Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bf plays soccer, I do yoga

I practiced yoga this evening. :)
Somehow I managed it to switch on the CD "strength and flexibility" by Sharron Gannon and David Life. It's a perfect CD, rather balanced. Backbendings, balancing poses, forward bendings, even hanumanasana are part of the yoga choreographie. I liked it, I even had the feeling I got better. My intention was to do urdhva dhanurasana. I wanted to drop back. But then I noticed how perfect the CD was and I couldn't stop in the middle of it, only to do my urdhva dhanurasna attempts. I lifted myself up - 3 times. It's part of the CD. And then I went on till the end. Five minutes in relaxation pose was the end.

I enjoyed my evening practice. It was wonderful.

Now I eat cheese, dried tomatoes and I drink a glass of awful red wine. If the wine would only be good.....OK, but it's such a poison that I drink.


Marie said...

Here's something interesting -

A comparitive study showed that people actually enjoyed the taste of wine more when they believed it was more expensive. The researchers gave people five glasses of wine identified as certain prices. The wines were often identical but identified differently.

But check this out - the researchers were able to see that the pleasure center of the brain activated more for the more expensive wines. In other words, knowing that something is expensive actually turned the brain on better, and did, indeed, make it taste better by being more fully perceived.

Wild, huh?

We're thinking that from now on, we'll buy cheap wines and serve them from expensive bottles!!!:)


PS. I read about this in the LA Times.

Ursula said...

This might be true, even though I thing that I taste it if a wine is really sour.

I have found some favourite wines for me: It's the Californian Chardonnay and the Shiraz from South Africa. I should drink only these wines. :)