Wednesday, March 05, 2008

.......and again soooooooo good

Mysore class: yes, I fought, of course. This morning the pain was painful, this evening the pain, that was felt when I stretched my tendoms and muscles till the limit was a sweet pain. I knew that I only improve when I go through this pain. I can breath it away. It's amazing what the breath can do.

The group: The group helped me a lot to have focus ,to fight, to be attentive, to be even relaxed. We were six people today, 4 woman, 1 man. The enthusiastic man came back, he couldn't come the last time because he was sore. OK, this is an excuse. One mat was next to the other. In the beginning of the class I had cold feet but this disappeared. It became warm in the room. Energy was in the room.

Urdhva dhanurasana: B. modified the adjustment. She is holding my thighs now when I drop back. That way I have a better feeling for the moment when I cannot hold me anymore. It was again a bit better than the last time. It comes, it comes, this summer (or in spring?). :)

But what was that under the shower: When washing myself between my toes I'm usually in uttanasana. I could scarcely keep my legs straight. It was as if my body wanted to tell me: Honey, it was enough for today. I respect this.

I'm almost manic, I feel absolutely high. It's a waste of energy to go to bed now. Really. I feel ready to take on anything. But my warm bed is waiting for me......and another practice tomorrow morning.


Globie said...

You are right, to improve you must practice, without a little struggle practice cannot evolve.

Ursula said...

Nothing comes from alone. A bit pain must happen in order to grow. :)