Saturday, March 22, 2008

15 min meditation

I could resist the impulse to look at my meditation watch. That was good, but not easy. I intensified my breath, this helped. Focus was on the inhaling and not on the exhaling. The breath was always with me. Not so many thoughts came up. Was I still too tired?

This morning I questioned, if it makes any sense to sit.
But I could find some reasons why to go on:
-To stand silence is not so easy, but to be without stupid outside distraction is worth doing it.
-I'm learning to let go of my thoughts. Doing this I see again and again how superficial and airy thoughts are.
- When I sit and thoughts and feelings come up I realize that they do not reflect life as it is, because when I sit I sit, nothing else happens. This experience helps not to take oneself (the thoughts and feelings) too seriously. A lot of thoughts that come up are pure entertainment, sometimes very bad entertainment, sometimes amusing.

Point. Yoga time. That's for my beloved and perfect body.