Sunday, February 24, 2008

Stiff, but......

If I'd tell someone, who does no yoga, that I had put my leg behind the head this morning, nevertheless I feel rather stiff, he/she would probably answer: Tell me another joke.

I felt stiff, I sweated. My attitude is: as long as I practice, it's good. To practice, when stiffness is felt has other challenges: to go on, not to give up, not to judge, not to be disappointed, because there are always ups an downs, that's it what can be learned and it is equally worthy than being able to do a perfect pose on flexible days.

...but: there was a huge surprise today. Pincha mayurasana was my last post of the middle part today. I went up and without touching the wall I could hold the pose for several breaths. I thought I had to wait years till this would happen. I tried to repeat it, but this was not possible. That's OK. It happened once, it will happen again. I'm so glad. I like this pose, it looks so elegantly, head is up and feet point to the sky.

Concentration was missed today. My mind was in China.

Savasana. The end.

Now the life that I have build around my writing, sitting and yoga practices will start.
Clothes are already in the washing machine. I'm going to prepare the breakfast for us (first I have to go to the bakery to buy some bread) and then I will go to work. I have to. Healthy again, I have the energy to do it. I only want to mention it: It's a sunny spring day today.

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