Thursday, February 07, 2008


After such an intensive practice like yesterday, the body had tightened overnight and my limits were felt earlier than usual. I respected it and had a moderate practice, which was not less challenging than the other practices every day. I did some of the backbending of the second series (of course after the suryas and standing sequence) and I was happy with it. It was enough for today.

The newcomer yesterday thought that he would feel the practice the next day (sore muscles, overstretched). B. and me, too were sure he wouldn't. He didn't know his limits and he didn't go far enough. More would have been possible. But in the beginning there is less awareness of the own possibilities. It's not known what is possible and what not. This knowledge comes with practice.

After years of practice feeling the limits remain a challenge, but they are no more the unknown stranger. The tendency can be to ignore them. That's why injuries happen i.e. To find the limits to go a bit further is the intention, then development happens. And at the same time it is an awareness exercise. Where are the limits? That's the question. Every day they are somewhere else. This morning they showed up very fast. I felt them, I understood the message and respected it.

What else: I'm ill again. People get to work ill, even when they have contagious infections. I coughed again during the night and my abdomen hurt, because of too much coughing. I want to stay in bed. But it is not possible.
I will observe how it looks like when I work while being ill.
I will observe how it looks like when I feel overwhelmed.

In yoga I got to know my limits a bit better, not in life. I will find out where they are. As already mentioned, learning happens, when going a bit behind the limits. To go too far behind the limits causes the opposite: desperation, burn-out syndrom, fading of motivation.

Doing yoga sensitivity can develop. There are so many aspects in yoga, it's amazing.

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