Thursday, January 24, 2008

Without influence

I didn't sleep so good this night either. I woke up several times. Whyever. It had some consequences. This morning I got up later, 30 min later to be precise. I wanted to write and I wanted to sit, but then I had to sacrifice some poses. Time was for the standing sequence and for a quick closing sequence. What I did, I did with focus. Body was soft, without resistance. It would have been an excellent practice. Now I have to accept, that not every day is the same. It's OK. A short practice is better than no practice at all.

It happened that I didn't sleep that well, I wished I slept well and the consequences happened, too. My influence was limited. Limited? Or is there no influence at all? To see that I do not have that much influence to leaning back and observing life, as if it is a movie (without fighting, without superficial efforts, without wishing things being different) is a long way. It can be so relaxing (to let go).

Indian restaurant yesterday with E.: We enjoyed the hot meal and the mango desert.

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