Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A very satisfying practice

I had a very satisfying practice this morning in the best sense. I was not tired and I was up on time. All the ingredients gathered on the mat and showed their performance: breath, flow, focus, bandhas, drishti.

Ah,drishti, this I neglected so far. I even had the wrong dristhi sometimes. In upward facing dog i.e. drishti is the nose and not somewhere up in the sky. To take the nose as the drishti has a huge advantage, the front remains evenly without wrinkles. When I look up I tend to make wrinkles on my front. Dristhis could be a focus in my next practice.

I'm on my mat at 5:45. I gather myself. Surya namaskaras first. At 6 I start with the standing poses for 15 min. Then I have 20 min for the middle part and now 10 min for the closing sequence. I made the closing sequence 5 min shorter. One hour is not enough time for all the poses. To omit asanas, to practice faster are the methods to go with this tight schedule. I won't get up earlier. 5 to 5 is enough. I must be happy with Saturdays and Sundays. Here I have as much time as I need and want.

Meditation: I do not scratch anymore, but the thoughts, the thoughts. Too often I get lost in this jungle of dreams.

Another demanding day awaits me. Somehow I must manage it to work longer, so that it won't be necessary to work on Saturdays.

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