Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I have half an hour for my morning pages. Within these 30 min I'm able to write 2 pages, but only when I'm concentrated. Today I wrote one page, I was dreaming. I stopped writing on time, because when I'm dreaming I can also sit.

Sitting meditation was already better. 15 min is the perfect time for me. I can almost easily sit in lotus pose all the time, no matter which leg I take first to bind.

Ashtanga practice was slow, but back bending was the topic today and I did some of the poses of the second series. With progressing time I arrived more and more in the present. I guess it was an average practice, but this didn't count today. I was rather happy. There is so much pressure in my life at the moment due to too much work, so that I didn't like to add even more when doing something that I like. It doesn't matter if I progress fast, but I did something for my dear body.

I'm looking forward to my breakfast now. Not one minute before 8 o'clock I will leave my home. The time from 5 to 8 is my holy time. It's only for me.

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