Thursday, January 17, 2008


...was one of the days where I wanted to give up. It's so much what I have to do. Lists over lists. And I'm treated as if I was too slowly. But what I see is, that my colleagues work even longer than me. They start at 7 and go when I go. Instead of coming so early I work on Saturday.
I still like the work, but often I'm also helpless. I don't know what to do and it takes some time till I understand. Everything is still new to me.
The atmosphere is not always friendly. Not at all.

OK, the day is over. On the long run I have to find something else. Again something else.

I'm astonished how less I'm touched. What I see is that I give all my energy. I'm depleted at the end of the day. Very depleted. This cannot be all, I think.

To sell perls seems so nice for me now.

I must become more open so that I can hear what the Source wants me to do.
My bf is right: I'm over the top. Nobody understands me, but this was always so.

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