Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tired at home again, but I have still energy to danse

I called the doctor in the morning - politely. She probably hasn't forwarded the 10 Euro to the health insurance. We all fail, many of us are not at all organized, no matter what job someone has. I only have to look at the tip of my own nose.

Another difficult working day is over. Without my commitment to work on Saturdays I would drown in papers. On my way home I bought chips, chocolate, Chianti. I thought I need it and at the same time I know how stupid this is. Of course I don't need chocolate and wine. Healthy food would be so much better.

Boyfriend plays soccer this evening and I'm glad to be alone. I switched on the radio and I dance with the music in my room. I'm glad to have time for me now. Just for me, just for me.

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