Sunday, January 13, 2008

Slow and intensive

A great Ashtanga practice today. At first I wanted to take a day off. Am I glad now that I haven't done it. I was patient and ambitious at the same time today. I even had the feeling that progress is coming, when I put my legs behind my head. Breath was always with me. I tried to relax in the poses, but searched the edges as well. Oh, it was good.

Yesterday I read that a yoga studio here will offer yoga for advanced people. 2 times a months they will offer such a class, urdhva dhanurasana and handstand against the wall are supposed to be possible for the students. I did urdhva dhanurasana and handstand today. Of course. I like to meet people who are doing yoga for some time and not only these curious beginners with their enthusiasm which is nothing else, but soap bubble.

Yesterday in the evening I found a very good adjustment for the sitting forward bends. When doing the sitting poses the feet are supposed to be parallel to the wall. Often they slip away because the pose gets easier then. I pressed my feet against a wall yesterday so that they had the perfect position and then I bowed forward. I could concentrate on keeping the back straight and on my hips. I did almost all the forward bending of the middle part of the first series. Hands held the calves, bandhas got very important. The poses became very stable and I got a feeling how it is supposed to be.

I deserve a good breakfast now. I have everything at home my palate could crave for. All sort of fruits, fresh bread, jam, coffee, tea, everything.

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