Saturday, January 12, 2008

Seeker No 1 and seeker No 2

We are all seekers.

Seeker No 1 is searching pleasures and he/she tries to avoid pain. 99% of the human animals do this. Happiness is searched in the outer world: cars, good food, clothes, professional success, beauty and so on. But the never ending ecstasy doesn't exist. And would it be really nice to feel ecstasy and only ecstasy all the time? Seeker No 1 has to search the entire life, except he/she becomes seeker No 2.

Seeker No 2 was seeker No 1 firstly. He/she found out that there will always be misery (death of beloved ones i.e.). So it doesn't make sense to look for good moments only. Seeker no 2 tries to love the variety of feelings and events. They give an opportunity to get to know oneself. Happiness is no more searched in the outer world (after the fourth car and each was bigger than the last). But is neverending happines still the goal?
"Sadness has its own beauty", Osho said once. Life shall be lived in the present moment. Everything shall be experienced. To get to know oneself is the goal. To find is so difficult because everything is already there it must only be seen. Knowing oneself neurotic feelings (shame, guilt) will disappear, other feelings will even experienced more intensive, the good ones as the bad ones. The attitude is different. The attitude is an open one to all situations, feelings, whatsoever. Finally it is seen and felt that everything is good as it is and the search has found an end. Seeker No 2 observes what is, he/she accepts what is and finally deep love is found for each and everything. That's the end of searching.

That's a short summery of what I have understood so far. I just wanted to arrange my thoughts, before I will go to work. Buh. Is it easier to exploit me, because I became seeker No 2 and I try to accept all situations?

Breakfast now.

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