Sunday, January 27, 2008


Oh, I could click on the link on your blog, Karen. I found it rather interesting.

Savasana: there was a time where I didn't do this pose. Relaxation, I thought, I'm relaxed after practice, it's enough. But it is not enough. I do savasana now and I enjoy it. I feel the blood running through my body after the practice, it's wonderful.

Savasana can be even more. It can mean to let go, to let go of judging how the practice was (it is already over, when I'm in this pose), to let go of the last tensions that might be felt in the body, and finally to let go of life itself perhaps.

All the time we gather things, ideas, opinions, concepts, even people. I realize now that I have to let go. It's a difficult process. In order to be pure it's absolutely necessary.

I need room, so that new things can develop.

We must hurry now. A friend has her birthday. I'm looking forward to seeing her.


annabella said...

You're absolutely right! It's very hard for me to stay in savasana - my mind begin to run, and I begin thinking about where I have to go, what I have to do next, everything I have to accomplish, when what I SHOULD be doing is practicing letting all of that go...

I have to remember this in the morning! : )

Ursula said...

To accept what is to let go is so important. I discover it now. And savasana is a pose that reminds me of this attitude towards life.

To let go of every minute that is past. To let go of opinions, convictions, thinking patterns.

It's a rewarding process, I think.