Thursday, January 03, 2008


I was in bed on time, I slept well, but this morning I got up 20 min too late. It was OK for me.

At first my morning pages and there was so much to write. The question at the moment: How much influence do I have on my own life?

Then I sat 15 min in lotus pose. The impulse came up to look at the watch, to open the legs, but I was strict with me. 15 now only, I thought, this you can stand and I could. Thoughts and even feelings came up and disappeared as if nothing happened. Fact is nothing happened in reality. My thoughts and feelings wanted to bring excitement into my life, but I stayed relaxed and observed them. After the 15 min I bowed forward 3 times. It was over. Wonderful.

Now the time was even more limited for yoga, but relaxed I started and used the remaining time for some poses. There was even time for some back bending. Important for me was that I did savasana. To stay relaxed is so important for me now. There must be the time to relax again and again, also during work.

I'm very optimistic at the moment, that I will be able to do the job. If not I will be able to accept it. (Now)

Consciously I will see what will happen today. Everything is OK. I live. What else do I want? Oh, how modest I am today. :)

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