Saturday, January 05, 2008

Party animal versus working animal

I guess I'm a working animal. Both can make ugly. But it is still not that far. It's Saturday and I will go to work, I like to finish the given tasks. I also like not to have too much pressure. Once I work, 3 times or even more often I write about it. I make a fuss about it.

Meditation and Ashtanga yoga was excellent this morning. I had focus and I did one asana after the other without preferences. It was wonderful and I feel soooooo good. And then savasana, so nice. Yes I'm prepared for the day now, whatever it make bring.

I will take my time for a good breakfast (a piece of bread with the self-made jam of my mother with black coffee) and I will even have time to read a bit and then........I will go.

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