Thursday, January 31, 2008

On breaks

My breaks changed. In the past when I "needed" a break, I ran away from the mat. I walked around in my rooms. I was so easily distracted by everything.

When I make breaks now, I stay on my mat and breathe. I feel a bit reluctant to go on, I feel the "need" of relaxation, but I'm no more so distracted, I'm more focused. Focus is the breath when I make a break. I imagine how it looks like when I go on. Breaks have another quality now.

During the day I neglect breaks. It would be good to do more and to focus on the breath. To drink consciously a cup of tea would be so good too. Breaks can be a reminder that my day is an awareness exercise. Nothing else. Ha, I just found a goal for my day.

Honey, sugar, ahhhh, I want to be your candy girl.
(I listen to the radio and yeah it's true, I want to be your candy girl)


Marie said...

Hi Ursula -
Listening to music is amazing. I like how it can color your whole mood.

It's intriguing that you wrote about breaks because yesterday, when I was thinking about what you wrote, I was wondering if you take breaks during your workday. I imagine your office and desk - and that's funny,huh, because what I create in my imagination is probably nothing like your reality!- and I wonder if you are just head down over the papers for too many hours at a time. It is good to straighten up and to breathe and to take things not too seriously but just as fun. Anyway, I don't want to sound like I'm giving advice. It's just interesting that today you are noticing the same thing yourself.

I'll tell you about the yoga class I took yesterday. Really, I went because my 60-year old parents go to this class every week. Most people in the class are senior citizens. Some are very healthy and some are struggling with age and disability. But they all make the effort to attend and do yoga to the best of their ability.

But what I find fascinating is that even though I am so much younger and healthy and flexible, for me the class is still a challenge. The teacher is trained in Iyengar and so she pushes us to do each pose "perfectly" with proper alignment. For example, for triangle, she made me put my feet wider and wider, and then twist my legs more and more out, my spine and ribs more extended, belly and chest more and more up. Well, you know. Going to your limit and then holding it and breathing is a challenge.

I told her after class that she makes us work on the edge of each pose.

What I love about yoga is its infinite variety. I love that each teacher teaches differently and that each person's body makes the poses in their own way. I love that there is always room for growth, and yet what you do for that moment is also perfect.

I love that something as simple as standing in tadasana is yet so complex and requires so much thoughtful effort on my part. I suppose that I feel proud and humble at the same time.

Anyway, it's almost time to go home (for you); Have a great evening. Tomorrow is Friday - maybe you will go out with friends.


Ursula said...

Hi marie,

wonderful to get a comment at the end of such a working day.

Yoga has a huge advantage. I can do it all the time, whereever I am. I need a mat and that was it.

My mother does yoga, too. A neighbor of her can do handstand in the middle of the room, even though she is already 70. They all admire her.

When I read your email, I pondered if I should take a picture of my desk, but this goes too far. I better don't do that. But each and every paper demands action, I don't want to think about it anymore.

It's evening now.
On Friday my bf and I go out together. Most of the time we eat in a restaurant. I like this ritual.

Have a nice day. Ursula