Monday, January 14, 2008

Old masters...

I'm sure the old masters were great and they still have a lot to give us. Sometimes it is difficult for me to read their books. The language seems to be a bit out of fashion. Sentences like "I am that" don't tell me much. If something is not describable at all metophers help. I understand when someone writes "from onions to pearls". I see the skins, the veils that prevent me and other people too from seing life as it is. Concepts, life experiences, cultural influences can be put off like doing a striptease or like peeling an onion. Reality as it is can be seen then.

I'm waiting for the last book by Jed McKenna. In the meantime I will read "The secret power within - Zen solutions to real problems" by Chuck Norris. The "old masters" have to wait. Perhaps I miss something. They are perhaps something for Sundays.


Bhakti Yogi said...

I so continue to love reading your blog, Ursula. Thank you for sharing so much. Have you read much Rainer Maria Rilke? I think he was a spiritual master in his own way with the depth of his poetry.

Ursula said...

I vaguely remembered that we read something about Rilke in school. Poems?

Your question made me think which German authors I read and liked. I like the poems of Heinrich Heine
very much. In my youth I read Hermann Hesse and I even read him now. I read books of Luise Rinser.

Next time when I will be in a bookstore I will look for Rilke. I got curious again.

Oh, I like it when you enjoy my blog. Best wishes. Ursula