Monday, January 21, 2008

Oh no, still ill

I coughed all night long. And it hurts, it is so painful. To gulp is so painful, too.

I will go to work. Today we do the payments and I don't want to have my colleague do my job in addition to his. Or is it, that I take myself so important? I plan to go home earlier as usual, I need bed time. It will be a huge effort to stand the day today.

I meditated and I was on my mat and did some asanas - more than I thought I would be able to do. I did the standing poses and some of the forward bending of the middle part of the first series. I hope so much that halasana will clear my throat. My throat hurts so much. I repeat myself, I know.

Where is the aspirin? Where is the echinacin?


Tracy said... need to gargle with warm salt works everytime! I have been doing that since I was a little girl...your throat with heal quickly!! Get well my friend~

Bhakti Yogi said...

Dear Ursula,
So sorry to hear you are still not feeling well!
Throat is a very powerful energy center...the place from where we speak our truth so probably a metaphysical connection there around what you have been experiencing on the job. And then also physical infection. Have you tried gargling with warm salt water? That sometimes helps ease things. Also slippery elm tea..we have something here in the US called Throat Coat Tea which is very helpful for the pain.
Rest as much as you can and yes, do take echinacea and ibuprofen!

laksmi said...

ursula, this is a long time to have a sore throat, plus you have a fever--maybe you have strep? I have not read your entire entries for the last week, but maybe you could go to the doctor if you haven't?

annabella said...

Hi Ursula... FEEL BETTER!

Ursula said...

To gargle with salt water must be good. :)

Yes, it's a bit too much, that's what my body tells me. I need more rest.

That's why I go to bed at 9 today. I feel already much better. Fever is gone.

Thank you so much for caring for me.