Sunday, January 06, 2008

Less can be more

15 min meditation is a very good time for me. I can sit in lotus pose all the time. Once the impulse came up to look at the watch, but then I thought: It's only 15 min you can stand this. And so it was. 15 min I'm with myself in silence, consciously, observing what happens.

Yoga was intensive, too. There is this never-ending mantra in my mind: Will I ever progress? Will I ever progress? But I didn't give it too much attention. I did my practice, point. And there is also this little voice, that tells me: be patient, it will come.

Second series today: Back bending. I enjoyed it, focus was experienced. Oh, I just got a phone call from a yogini. What a joy. She is very diligent, too and we will meet soon. I like to talk about yoga.

Secretly I will go to work today. I have still tooooooo much work on my desk and I want to start the next week relaxed. I hope that nobody will see my. This are signs of addiction. It's a joke. Sometimes there is more work, sometimes less. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, so I can also work. I want to deliver good work. The "Source" told me to go and I go. Unfortunately it is already a bit late. I planned to go to a yoga class at 3. I'm not sure if this will be possible. I got up too late today.

Breakfast and then I will see what will be possible. I must hurry.

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