Thursday, January 31, 2008

I was cool

I forgot to make breaks. One activity followed another one. I must have done something within 10 hours, but asked if I had accomplished something, I have to admit: I don't know.

It's already clear, I have to work on Saturday.

In the underground I have my spiritual time. I read books. You cannot flee from the present, I read today. It's so obvious and simple that it is easy to overlook it.

And how does my present moment look like. I sit with crossed legs on a chair in front of my PC. I have turned on the radio, they play Tina Turner. I do not see the mess around me. What shall I do I ask myself. I will go on reading and the sooner I'm in bed, the better.

I do not have a lot to write now, because I worked the whole day. :)

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