Monday, January 28, 2008

I was busy today and focused and diligent and.....

....boss this morning: clean up the mess on your desk. It's not nice for you, too to get in and to have such a mess on your desk.

And he was right. I did what I could, routine work, working on the piles on my desk. It was almost 8 when I left the company with a good feeling. I was relaxed and have done what I could do. Mood was excellent.

I ran to the grocery store to buy basic stuff like bread and jam after work.
Bf meets a former school colleague. He asked me what he should ask her. I gave him some key words: love, sex, job, parents, past, future.

I had a few hours for myself. I loved it. I had no desire to read anything. Oh damned, I must hurry now, I must shower, tomorrow I want to practice.

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