Friday, January 18, 2008

I take the magnesium and calcium with a glas of red wine

I don't know how I shall feel. Another day full of work. If I could only say that I have finished something. But what must be ready on Monday is not ready. I'm not sure if I'm able to finish it tomorrow on Saturday. I need a plan, so that I do not have to work so long. I want to meet the deadlines. It's a treadmill.
I won't be alone at the office tomorrow morning. The boss and probably 3 other colleagues will show up.

This morning I asked my bf if he is willing to pay for me when I stop working. He is not. But my question came out of desperation, it was not a real question. I know that E. will support me, when I need it. I also don't want him to work and I get stupid on the sofa in the meantime.
I want to make my own money, because I want to be independant.

I feel that I'm ill, but I must be healthy now. I need all energy I have.

This morning I have had a better idea what I wanted to write about than complaining. But it is not really complaining as I do not know what I shall think and feel about the current situation. On the one hand it is a positive challenge, on the other hand it is tooooooo much.

Shower or bath? This is the question now. I think I will save the bath for tomorrow.

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