Monday, January 07, 2008

Higher and higher

The piles on my desk grow and grow. I worked till 8 p.m. I had to. There is so much to do, that I could work day and night. It's such a good decision to dedicate the first hours of the day to myself. Now I'm somehow satisfied, but also exhausted to a certain level. I'm no more able to do a lot.

My book "Naked to the truth"does not hold what it promised at first sight. I'm very sensitive towards rules. I don't need new ones. I know too many already. It's clear, when I want to do annual accounts i.e. I need rules. There is a clear goal and a clear way that it plastered with helpful rules. But when it comes down to life, no rules are needed anymore, not for me, even not the rule - be open. How shall someone be open, who does not know how this looks like, when he/she is reading such an advice. No rule can ever be so good like the humble advice observe, what is and accept.

I start reading the book by Alan Watts "On the taboo against knowing who you are" - a classic.

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