Monday, January 14, 2008

The evening

I have a bit less than 90 min now. My evening. I just thought, if my bf weren't at home I would clean my home. This made me laugh, this is one of the biggest lies, I told myself. My cleaning routines are weak at the moment. They always were weak, but I am in great hope that one day they will be very strong. This habit or no-habit has nothing to do with my bf.

It was a day where I was challenged not to take anything personal and I was rather good at it. Life is a cosmic joke, I think. My job is a possibility to experience life. Busy working animals we are.

It was easy to make a decision - yoga or TV (celebrity and out of here). Of course yoga won, I will go early to bed so that I can have a good practice tomorrow morning. Back bending. To do yoga is a life style.

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