Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Enlightenment easier for men?

Lately I wondered why there are more enlightened men than women. Most books on awakening or enlightenment are written by men. But then I got to know it. Men do not think so much. It's quite honestly easier to let go of these few thoughts and to absorb the world only by the senses. Lazy slobs they are. Nothing else. They do not even want to think these few thoughts.

Take my boyfriend and me:
I happened to ask him: Darling what are you thinking about? He: nothing.
After some time I gave up to ask him as I got always the same answer.
The other way round it is totally different. It's not even necessary to ask me: It's enough to look at me a bit longer than usual. I tell at once tragedies of my past or even comedies, office gossip, plans for the future.

OMG, perhaps my boyfriend IS enlightened and he makes a secret out of it.


Jason said...

There are not more enlightened men than women, although many systems are very male-consciousness oriented, i.e. reduction or cessation of the disturbances of the flow of consciousness. This is, by the way, not the same as "not thinking."

Compare this to a more directly Tantric perspective, which involves the direct participation in the manifestation of reality as it happens.

Keep up your blog, it makes for interesting reading.


Yogamum said...

I don't think men are more enlightened. I think they are more likely to have an ego big enough to presume to write a book about enlightenment ;-)

Ooooh, that was mean.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious post - hope I'm not the only one who got the joke :-)

Ursula said...

In fact, my intention was to be funny.

I told my bf yesterday what I have written (he does not read my blog and I don't want it). He said: you are over the top, nobody will understand you.
But that's so interesting everybody understands something else.

Thank you all for commenting, it was again very interesting.


Arturo said...

Hi Ursula
What a funny post. Whenever I used the "E" word in online Buddhist communities, I was clobbered. So I don't throw it around. I guess there's some special permeated feeling that "E" is difficult to achieve. Yogamum is right. Karen made some similar comments last year that were hilarious about writers, along the same lines.