Sunday, January 27, 2008

The dinner

Four people, all in their forties meet in a Greece restaurant. Egos meet - huge egos.
The meeting almost started with friction. The owner of the restaurant wants to make a club out of his restaurant so that he can allow guests to smoke. He needed signatures for it. Our friends didn't like it at all. I prefer smoke free restaurants, but I signed. Why? I don't like the conflicts that are going on at the moment here in Germany. An example: One of our former chancellors is a heavy smoker. He and his wife go to the theatre regularly, there they have a table where they were smoking during the break. This is forbidden now in Germany. Non-smoker organizations wanted to sue him. This goes too far, I thought. Break all the rules. This man and his wife are almost 90 years old. But our friends had another opinion. Why should he be allowed to smoke they told us, only because he was old or a former chancellor. Friction, friction. I enjoyed the conversation. How can these things become that important?

For me it is more and more ridiculous to defend my opinion. My opinion? Opinions become less and less important for me. But let's face it. Egos, that express opinions can make a meeting interesting. Will we have something to say to each others when we are free of all these opinions that we carry around?

Yesterday we still had other topics. Men talked about weight, or more precise weight loss, there testosterone level and they exchanged addresses of doctors. We, the women complained about our jobs.

F. wants a Porsche. Is this really necessary, we wondered. I always have to mention that I get up at 5 in order to do Ashtanga yoga. We are all so important, aren't we?

Food was excellent as always. I was entertained very well the whole evening.

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