Sunday, January 20, 2008

Can Ashtanga yoga be relaxing?

Yes, it can. I did only a few surya namaskara a and 1 surya namaskara b. I allowed me as much breaks as I needed. The well-known difficult asanas like kapotasana were omitted. I practiced slowly. The practice was a relaxing one and not only at the end.

Painful coughs, painful sneezing interrupted the practice. Nevertheless I had the feeling that it was good for me. Especially halasana, I thought will support the healing process as it helps to supply the blood through this area. I just took the bible by Iyengar: Light on yoga. Many of the back bending like ustrasana, urdhva dhanurasana are good for tonsillitis. That's what I have. Yoganidrasana is good, too and I did all the poses today. I must get well soon now.

I had another night with fewer. Several times I got up. I took again an aspirin. I feel a bit better than at night, but still ill. It will be a very relaxing day. I must be fit again tomorrow.

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