Thursday, January 31, 2008

Back bending happened

It was a slow practice and in the beginning I needed many breaks. I could totally accept it, it didn't make me discontent. As long as I'm on my mat for more than 1 hour, it's OK. My body knows by itself what is good. It was a relaxed practice without ambition. Flow happened from time to time. What else can I expect on a Thursday morning. It is as if I know, that I cannot bear more stress for the time being. Times of ambition will return, I know this.

Sitting meditation was rather quite today.

One month of the year is already over. I look back.
Job: It's tough, I learn a lot. To develop a more relaxed attitude would be good.
Routines: Yoga and meditation routines are very strong. Cleaning routines are very weak (not existing)
Friends: I neglect them, I want to find time for the pleasure to meet friends.

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