Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ashtanga yoga is for the body

Yesterday we met friends and we talked about health and how important it is to move.
For me it was clear, I do yoga for the body. It gives me strength and flexibility. There might be a lot of other advantages, too. In the end it is relaxing, it calms the mind, the breath becomes deeper and and and.......
But for me it is obvious, the most important thing is to keep me healthy, strong, flexible, young.

It's not at all superficial. Only when I'm healthy I'm good at all the other tasks I'm given: my job, i.e. How difficult was it to perform well last week, because I had this dry cough and even fever.

I will have my body till I will die and I will take care of it and yoga is soooo good for it. I can see it. I love my body - it is slim, upright, relaxed. But this does not come from alone.

Practice today was slow. But also today the body showed less resistance as usual. I worked on back bending today.
Kapotasana was good like never. I did the recommended exercise, read at Vanessa's blog. I stood with straight legs and bent backwards, gravity took my body backwards and down. Then I did Kapotasana, pushing my body up from the floor.
Leg behind the head improved as well.
Only pincha mayurasana was not stable at all. The practice was so good, that I had the courage to do 3 urdhva dhanurasana. I want to drop back from standing position, it shall happen this year. (wishes are always there)

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