Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another working day is over

I cannot say that I do not like the job. There are ups and downs every day, of course. Sometimes I think it is the boss you makes me stress, sometimes the colleagues, sometimes the work itself and sometimes me. Or is it always me, who makes the stress for myself?
Sometimes I only forget that it is all a huge joke.
I like the idea that everything is a joke, a play of the Source to get entertained.

Sometimes I go for lunch with my colleague. We go to the canteen of the pension insurance. The salad is good there. We are both so enthusiastic about the food there, that one could think we are at a 5 star restaurant. The huge salad today and the fruit salad as a dessert and the orange juice was 3 Euro something. That's nothing. We talk about the job and today a new topic was added: shares.

Now I sit here, already showered and fed with best food. The day is over. I want to have more time (and I will have to work on Saturday again).

Till the end of April this will all go on like this I guess: yoga, meditation, job, blogging, bed. The job and sleeping are the most time-consuming activities. Some might add, sleeping is the most time-consuming "activity", as we are all always sleeping.
So sleeping me goes to bed to sleep now. Good night.


Marie said...

Your descriptions of food are very inspiring. I saw your gorgeous photos of vegan meals and I thought, This is a destination to move toward. But I have to admit - I am not there quite yet!!!
I pulled a card from my meditation deck today that applies to your post. YOu might like its message: "I realize that stress is only fear. I release all fears now."
Although I do not know you, reading your blog is inspiring me to move deeper in my own practice.

Ursula said...

Thank you marie,

To eat vegan is wonderful. There are so many cooking books available now. We live in a time where we can buy each and every fruit and vegetable.

When you are open to the idea of living vegan it will come soon.

Have a nice evenin. Ursula