Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another awful night

I cought and cought and cought. In the meantime my belly muscles hurt, because I had to cough so much. I had not much sleep. At 5 I went up, but I decided to go to bed again for one hour. No yoga today. I also interrupted the meditation, I coughed and I was exhausted, it made no sense to sit.

I have no fewer, to gulp is a bit less painful, too. I cough every minute.

It's not the time to stay at home. But I plan to go home when the most important things are done. I don't feel well. To get well again needs some time, 7 till 10 days is my experience. I try to take it easy.

To sleep would be so good. Am I tired.


cranky housefrau said...

Ursula, do you have a humidifier in your bedroom? this is what i do when my children or i have a cough. i hope you feel better soon!

Ursula said...

Oh, I don't have a humidifier. But you remind me that I should drink much more than I do.

Thank you for your good hint.

I think I must be patient, my body needs time to recover. And the fever already disappeared, that's something. Best wishes. Ursula