Wednesday, December 26, 2007

With Sharath, breath by breath

The CD by Sharath helped me a lot.

The CD helped me to breathe evenly, it helped me to hold the poses for 5 breaths. After marichyasana b I switched off the CD, I need more time for marichyasana c and d and for supta kurmasana. I held the last poses rather long in order to relax and to go deeper into these poses.

It was wonderful, I enjoyed the practice.

Yesterday I searched the net for a picture of Jed McKenna. I found one. I knew that he would be a good-looking guy. And he is a damned handsome guy - a sunny boy. What a surprise - he has already written a third book: It's called "Spiritual warfare". What a title.


Anonymous said...

Which CD by Sharath is that you're referring to?

Ursula said...

As far as I know it there is only one CD by Sharath on the market. He leads through the Ashtanga primary series. The CD is available on

Sharath published also a DVD on the primary series. It's also a recommendation.