Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Mysore class and urdhva dhanurasana

The latest publication on helped me a lot to improve my urdhva dhanurasana. I was able to walk my hands in, inspired by Vanessa. The videos of yoga chickie, cranky housefrau and laksmi helped as well. A picture or movie says more than 100 words, this is so true. The mind understands pictures. My urdhva dhanurasana was good today. But I couldn't do it alone. I prefer to listen to my body. I need still a bit time and not only because I have to conquer the fear. I'm not yet so bendy and I don't want to injure myself. Lately I learned to trust my body again. It is so perfect. My body knows what is good for it.

I concentrated on the breath during the practice.

During work I was concentrated, too. I was rather content with me today. Not everything is done, but I will have to live with it.

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