Tuesday, October 23, 2007


E. and I want to go to a Greece restaurant before he is leaving Munich for several business trips.

I think of my Californian blogger friends (I just read Tiff's blog; thank you for updating us.) and I think it's important not to risk anything. Oh, I think it's perhaps not so easy to leave everything behind. Of course we are informed here too, about the news and what's going on in the US. Good luck for all who are in danger.

So, I will put some lipstick on my lips, I will comb my hair and then I hope that E. will be here already. I want to go as I want to be in bed on time due to my morning practice.

Habits: This time I do not wonder when is the best time to shower. :) Thinking habits got into the focus of interest. But later more.


Tiff said...

Hey! Thanks for the concern! Will keep you all updated.


Ursula said...

Of course I'm with you and thanks a lot for updating.