Saturday, October 13, 2007

Good practice at home again

Meditation: 20 very long minutes today. It was as if I were sitting an eternity. Impatient I was. It was already later as planned when I started. The later the more lively I get.

Then I had difficulties to start with Ashtanga yoga, but finally I started. The practice was a very good one from the very beginning on. Only to beginn was not so easy.

Technically I improved - that's at least my humble impression. I'm rather thin at the moment. On the picture is my dinner that I had rather often in Mallorca - a few vegan sushi, 2 pieces of tomatoes and water. This was enough. To be thinner helps to do the poses, this is sure.

I didn't make breaks, I practiced fast. Nevertheless I think I should work on the focus, the concentration. So easily I'm distracted through upcoming thoughts.

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