Friday, October 19, 2007

Dated Sept 18, 1982

Now I have it in writing. My yoga path goes back till the year 1982. I found a little book that I made for myself. The first page describes the chakras. Then yoga poses follow. On the left side is always a description and the right side is a copied picture. The little booklet ends with the affirmation:
I'm not my body.
I'm not my feelings.
I'm not my thoughts.
I'm pure awareness.
I remember that this said not too much to me in 1982. I thought: but I am my feelings. It was all so real what I felt. This has changed because after decades of being here on earth I could observe so many feelings and they all changed.
How are my feelings at the moment? Changing. So is it worth writing about it?


Kevin said...

Nice Buddha drawing :-)

I still have the newspaper article from 1995 about Ashtanga that set me on my way.

Ursula said...

The entire booklet is made with so much dedication. I loved it that I found it.

So, you practice over a decade now, that's something.

Tracy said...

i love your book~and the picture is really differnet and nice..i love the fingers!

Ursula said...

Thank you Tracy.